Main Topics:


1. Energy transformation and future power system

Power system planning and operation in energy conversion

Power System Simulation and Modeling in Energy Conversion

Power system protection and energy conversion control

Strategy for the Stability of Modern Power Systems in Energy Transformation

Power system reliability in energy conversion

Structural changes in the future power system

2. Electricity Market and Power System Economics

Electricity price theory

Electricity market model and implementation

Designing the trading mechanism of the electricity market

Electricity market mechanism promotes renewable energy integration

Auxiliary service market for power transmission and distribution

Market mechanism for integrated power, heating and gas systems

Demand response

3. Smart grid and renewable energy integration

Smart grid implementation plans and standards

Development, utilization and integration of renewable energy

Advanced metering infrastructure and home area network

Smart Energy and Energy Internet

Intelligent scheduling, security analysis and supervisory control

Microgrid, energy storage and distributed energy

Charging and discharging of electric vehicles

4. DC transmission and distribution and power systems with power electronics

UHVAC and UHVDC power transmission

VSC based HVDC

New developments in FACTS

Flexible DC distribution network and microgrid

Analysis of power systems using power electronics

Power System Protection and Control and Power Electronics

5. Network physical power system

Modeling and Simulation of Network Physical Power System

Combine ICT with the grid

Information security of power systems

Network security and structured communication system

Power System Analysis of Energy Supplement

Distribution network and internet of things

Application of WAMS technology

6. Advanced transmission and distribution equipment and technology

Eco-friendly transmission and distribution system

Advanced power distribution technology

Power system insulation monitoring

Electromagnetic field and high voltage technology

Condition monitoring and troubleshooting

Intelligent operation and maintenance equipment and asset management

Disaster prevention, protection and control

7. Emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence technology in power systems

Application of Big Data Technology in Power System

Large capacity, efficient energy storage

High energy conversion efficiency

Application of Blockchain Technology in Energy Internet

Intelligent energy saving

Apply new materials and superconductivity

8. Sustainable nuclear power coordinated with the grid

Nuclear safety

Nuclear Power System Modeling and Simulation

Intelligent operation and maintenance

Fault diagnosis and risk monitoring

Verification and validation system design

Physical protection and network security